54: Special Guest! Jessica Kupferman Pt. 2

September 20, 2016
This episode picks right back up where we left our last conversation with Jessica Kupferman.

The struggle with figuring out our life's purpose

Did you know....Kate was an accountant?!

When a dark sense of humor comes in handy

Finding humor in un-funny situations

Discussion on Transmuting Energy Theory

Using humor to raise a low energy situation

A discussion of "old school" spirituality and New Age spirituality

"Oh My Godess!" story

Kate's mom hanging around during her sessions

Discussion on why no two mediums describe the same afterlife experience

Grandparents protecting their grandchildren in the afterlife

What exactly are angels?

Meditating to shut down our internal dialogue

Kate's theories about the work that angels do

The blessing in not having a religious upbringing

The impact of Christianity on how some mediums talk to clients

Thoughts and reflection on waiting to release this episode.


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